TDS Performance Improvement, LLC

"Improving People, Processes, and Performance"

My Vision:
"I believe people should know how to maximize two of the most important aspects of life, relationships and time."

My Mission:
"To make people’s lives easier through strengths-based performance coaching."

My Beliefs:
“I believe the most important things are not things, they are people.”
“I believe if you treat people like they make a difference they will.”
"I believe leadership is a choice, not a position."
“I believe coaching begins with a conversation, not a presentation.”
“I believe in understanding before being understood.”
“I believe in asking tough questions that others shy away from.”
“I believe in coaching people and managing everything else.”
“I believe people should understand their strengths and how to apply them.”
“I believe in strengths-based cultures that inspire contagious performance improvement."
“I believe customer service is an attitude, not a department.”