TDS Performance Improvement, LLC

"Improving People, Processes, and Performance"

Strengths-Based Culture:
Using the industry gold standard assessment, I help you determine your people's strengths. With this knowledge, we can begin to organize your teams with the correct combination of strengths. This is not a quick process, and often takes multiple attempts to get right.

Strengths-based leadership leads to a strengths-based culture and the ability to improve at a much more rapid rate, for prolonged periods of time. Strengths-based cultures don’t ignore weaknesses, they focus on improving talents and minimizing the impacts of weaknesses. When something does not go correctly, we have been taught that we must fix the people. Gallup has determined there are infinite possibilities for developing what is right with people versus fixing what's inherently wrong. There needs to be a constant blend of strengths-based performance and contagious performance improvement.