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 First-Time Leader Development 

I prepare the right people for the most important responsibility in the world, leading people. 

Using my four decades of knowledge and experience, I assess and accelerate your transformation from peer to people-centered leader.

I developed this premier program for first-time leaders and entrepreneurs who hire their first employee(s)

Program Details

Six Hours

Delivered on "Transformation Tuesday" (3rd Tuesday)

From January - October

Program Takeaways

Me to We Transformation 

People & Leader Skills

Leading Necessary Meetings

Making Your Leadership Matter

Knowledge Management & Sharing

Contagious Performance Improvement℠

Post Program Resources

"Coach on Call"

Free Knowledge Guide

Monthly Leader Coaching

Monthly LinkedIn Newsletter

First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ Podcast

Are you prepared to lead peopleFind Out

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First-Time Leader Development Program


Monthly Leader Coaching Session(s)

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