First-Time Leader Development

This process prevents you from being part of the 60% of first-time leaders who fail. Your accelerated transformation to people-centered leader begins with often-overlooked prerequisites.

Step 1: Do you have what it takes to lead people? Click here to find out

Step 2: Education Click here to enroll in either course

What you learn in these two courses will benefit you the rest of your personal and professional life.

Communication and Emotional Intelligence

This session is a prerequisite for everyone, not just leaders. You will learn why communication and emotional intelligence are the most important people skills and how you can immediately improve your skills. Poor communication or miscommunication is the root of most problems and is expensive. Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of success.

First-Time Leaders Accelerated

You will learn what people-centered leadership is, why it is important and how to immediately succeed in all three aspects of leadership.

Step 3: Monthly Leader Coaching Click here to enroll

These monthly sessions are a timely resource for the practical situations, you will undoubtably experience.