First-Time Leader Development 

My mission is to prepare you for the most important

responsibility in the world, leading people. 

I will use my four decades of knowledge and

experience, to accelerate your transformation

from individual contributor to people-centered leader.

I developed this premier program for first-time

leaders, entrepreneurs who hire their first

employee(s) and seasoned leaders seeking to

improve their skills. 

Program Details

Five Hours

Hosted at Tioga Downs Casino

Delivered on "Transformation Tuesday" (3rd Tuesday)

From January - October, beginning in 2023

Program Takeaways

Me to We Transformation 

People & Leader Skills

Leading Necessary Meetings

Making Your Leadership Matter

Knowledge Management & Sharing

Contagious Performance Improvement℠

Post Program Resources

Free Knowledge Guide

Monthly Leader Coaching

"Coach on Call"

Monthly LinkedIn Newsletter

First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ Podcast

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