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All speaking engagements are unique and tailored to meet your business or athletic related event expectations. I trigger inspired improvement, using the right mix of personalized knowledge, insight and safe humor. I share knowledge and trigger inspiration on two topics, people-centered leadership and athletics. I formulate and share knowledge in a manner easy to understand and apply, so attendees can begin improving their lives and the lives of others, before their cheeks leave their chair.


People-Centered Leadership

Sixty (60%) of first-time leaders fail. I share knowledge and insight into why this a major problem and how to prevent it. For nearly four decades I have been a crash test dummy for Contagious Performance Improvement℠, the future-proof culture. I continue to research and collect the best knowledge and processes for accelerating the development of first-time leaders and future-proof cultures. My SpeakerHub Profile


I am a sports enthusiast, with a diversified football background as a player, coach, scouting representative and currently as a broadcast analyst. I played and coached football up to the semi-professional level. I also coached youth sports, including football, Little League Baseball and AAU Basketball. At the high school level, I coached J.V. and Varsity Football and Varsity Basketball. Currently, I am a radio broadcast analyst for high school football and college baseball. I created and host the Cover IV Podcast. I am New York State Coaching Certified for football, basketball and baseball. I also hold the USA Football Coach Certification.

I draw on my lifetime of athletic experiences to share personalized stories, for amateur athletes and sports enthusiasts; highlighting the parallels between athletics and business. I stimulate thought and trigger inspiration, using the right mix of personalized knowledge, insight and safe humor.

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