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Timothy Dean Smith











I possess four decades of experience for first-time leader development and culture improvement. I know how great leaders and cultures should make you feel and how to make this your reality. I share personalized stories, knowledge and interactive conversations, with the proper mix of humor. I trigger inspiration and behavior improvements to strengthen your leader skills and culture experience.

Keynotes or Breakouts

Endangered People Skills, Communication Paradox

You will gain an understanding of why and how our two most important people skills are being eroded. You will learn how to improve your people skills and the skills of others. You will also learn about the communication paradox and its cause. You will acquire two simple, yet powerful tips, using the actual cause of the communication paradox to reverse it. Occasionally, I use appropriate humor or minimal attendee distress, to ensure you experience the emotions and feelings created by the communication paradox. And finally, you will realize how dangerous the communication paradox can be.

Peer to Leader, Now What?

You will understand the three steps organizations unintentionally use to lose their best people while simultaneously wrecking their culture. You will also learn how to prevent this devastating monetary and emotional impact and how to accelerate the transformation from peer to people-centered leader. Additionally, you learn what a people-centered leader is and how they should make you feel.

Contagious Performance Improvement℠, Future-Proof Culture

Contagious Performance Improvement℠ should be every people-centered leader’s goal. People who experience this culture feel appreciated, inspired and fulfilled. This culture also maximizes your people’s ability to quickly innovate and adapt. You will gain the building blocks to make Contagious Performance Improvement℠ your recurring reality.

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“I first met Tim over conversation and had the opportunity to work with him recently with family members on communication and emotional intelligence in professional application. We were very satisfied with his mentoring skills and enthusiasm. He made a big difference. Thanks Tim!”

George S., Global Instructor

"Tim’s passion for coaching and commitment to performance improvement is exactly what we needed. In a few short months, the team began setting monthly revenue records."

W. Michael S., Vice President, Finance

"I have had numerous opportunities to work with Tim both during our years together at IBM and for several years while providing performance improvement and cost reduction solutions in the manufacturing, healthcare, facilities management and other service industries.Tim is well versed in a broad range of organizational improvement principles and the effective use of problem solving tools and techniques. His base of knowledge, customer focused approach and personal integrity makes him fully qualified to assist any client in their quest for organizational excellence."

Art J., Quality Systems & Procedures Analyst

"Tim nailed it! In one presentation, he gave valuable tips that will change the way I communicate from now on!"

Ginny T., Senior Business Advisor

"I went to the workshop on "Communication" that Tim presented on 09/11/2018. Tim's content was right on and he did a great job keeping our attention throughout. Now we have to practice what he taught."  

Ken, A., Owner

"Tim, you did a great job at our recent management conference. We all need to be reminded of the things that create a working environment where people feel valued and your presentation did that. I know our staff will reflect on the presentation and improve communications."

Ed S., Vice President of Human Resources

"Tim provided valuable insight and tips in his customized presentation, which was delivered with enthusiasm and conviction. The audience feedback was all positive with regard to the knowledge he shared, the examples he cited and the key points of learning he summarized for us. Everyone walked away with something they could apply in their personal and professional lives and the materials he provided to the group were valuable reminders of his presentation."

Doug H., HR Manager

"Thank you for doing such a great job training our staff on performance improvement today. I really appreciate how you truly listened to what we needed to cover and did an excellent job delivering the material."

Debra M., Vice President

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