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“After experiencing a thorough session with Mr. Smith, I was impressed by how many elements I’ve learned and applied to both my personal and professional life. I feel more encouraged and confident in my communication and listening skills. It is impressive how much one can accomplish in one session. Much appreciated!”

Augusto S., Intermediate Architect

"I went to the workshop on "Communication" that Tim presented on 09/11/2018. Tim's content was right on and he did a great job keeping our attention throughout. Now we have to practice what he taught."

Ken A., Owner

"I recently had the pleasure of listening to Tim Smith speak on the subject of Personal Significance. It was a great reminder that without the right tools, we cannot properly influence others.  We heard about many pieces that play a role in Personal Significance. Some we may have been aware of, but others were excellent reminders of how we can influence others if we keep them upper most in our minds. “Listening” and the “power thank you” go a long way towards helping us meet our goals.  Tim did a great job of relating this information and discussing how to use all of these tools in our everyday lives."

Debra A., Merchant Advocate

"My business networking group had the pleasure of having Tim Smith as our guest speaker at one of our meetings. The topic we selected for him to discuss was "Personal Significance". We are professionals and found this topic, as well as how Tim presented it, valuable for both our business and personal lives. Many items would seem like common sense, yet in our busy day to day lives it's easy to forget some basic tools. We walked away with an excellent reminder of what we can do more of and better. Good stuff, just have to listen!  Many thanks and a round of applause go out to Tim. A job well done, we appreciated your expertise."

Deb B., Sales Professional

"Tim, you did a great job at our recent management conference. We all need to be reminded of the things that create a working environment where people feel valued and your presentation did that. I know our staff will reflect on the presentation and improve communications."

Ed S., Vice President of Human Resources

"Tim provided valuable insight and tips in his customized presentation, which was delivered with enthusiasm and conviction. The audience feedback was all positive with regard to the knowledge he shared, the examples he cited and the key points of learning he summarized for us. Everyone walked away with something they could apply in their personal and professional lives and the materials he provided to the group were valuable reminders of his presentation."

Doug H., HR Manager

"Thank you for doing such a great job training our staff on performance improvement today. I really appreciate how you truly listened to what we needed to cover and did an excellent job delivering the material."

Debra M., Vice President

"Tim nailed it! In one presentation, he gave valuable tips that will change the way I communicate from now on!"

Ginny T., Senior Business Advisor

"Many years back I worked for Tim. From the day he took over I was very impressed by the professionalism that he exuded. When I found out that Tim had started a performance improvement business, I immediately reached out to him to see when he could speak to my group. Tim is a truly caring professional who speaks from the heart. His messages are not only inspiring and motivating, but they are packed with wisdom and lessons that help his listeners gain the tools they need to change their current situation and achieve future aspirations. Tim inspired my group to overcome their challenges and excel in their everyday life."

Steven H., President

"Tim presented to our group of HR professionals on the topic of Employee Involvement - The Sustainable Benefits. He did a wonderful job of presenting material to the audience, engaging the group and most importantly stimulating our thoughts and ideas around employee involvement programs. He educated us to the statistics and data illustrating the sub-par involvement levels of employees, not only in North America, but also with global comparisons. He additionally provided great systems and ideas for improving employee involvement, moral and ultimately retention. It is certainly clear that Tim will add value to any organization that is interested in improving employee involvement and performance improvement."

Dan M., Program Chair

"I want to thank you on behalf of our church picnic committee for your prompt and professional assistance in helping us succeed on our project, You took the time to understand our needs and then provided creative recommendations that we could apply. This has helped us succeed with our targeted goals. Thank you for being an integral member of the committee."

Matt S., Church Business Administrator

“Tim has incredible insight on assessing areas of improvement and assisting professionals with realizing their potential.”

Randall C., Workforce Program Coordinator

"I have had numerous opportunities to work with Tim both during our years together at IBM and for several years while providing performance improvement and cost reduction solutions in the manufacturing, healthcare, facilities management and other service industries.Tim is well versed in a broad range of organizational improvement principles and the effective use of problem solving tools and techniques. His base of knowledge, customer focused approach and personal integrity makes him fully qualified to assist any client in their quest for organizational excellence."

Art J., Quality Systems & Procedures Analyst

"Tim’s passion for coaching and commitment to performance improvement is exactly what we needed. In a few short months, the team began setting monthly revenue records."

W. Michael S., Vice President, Finance

"Tim’s assignment was to provide leadership for one of our business partners, Innovantage, a Division of CDI Corporation. As the IT Service Delivery Manager, Tim led a highly successful team of diversified Distributed Technologies System and Software Engineers. He skillfully managed LAN/Server Support, UNIX help desk and the Intel help desk. His duties included recruiting a highly skilled technical workforce to effectively support the Work Force Extension Program into the 21st Century. I found Tim to be a trusted business partner. He was always on point to deliver world-class services while focusing on continuous process improvements. Tim’s perspective on delivering a quality driven solution is what made him successful."

Mark G., Retired Program Manager

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