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 First-Time Leader Development 


I assess and prepare the right people for the most important responsibility in the

world, leading people. 60% of first-time leaders fail, due to often-overlooked

prerequisites. Using my four decades of knowledge and experience, I developed the First-Time Leader Development Course, to prevent this failure, by assessing and transforming the right people, from peer to people-centered leader.

Leader Prerequisites Self-Assessment

First-time leader candidates are required to complete the Leader Prerequisites Self-Assessment prior to attending this course. I will review your self-assessment results to verify you possess what it takes to lead people and send you the links to enroll in the First-Time Leader Development Course. 

Are you prepared to lead people? Find Out

First-Time Leader Development Course

This course is comprised of the following three sessions.

1. Communication & Emotional Intelligence Enroll

You are required to purchase the “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” book, authored by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, the world’s leading providers of emotional intelligence tests and training. Be sure to purchase only a new version of this book to ensure your copy has the unique code to take your free Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. You are required to take this appraisal and bring the resulting report to class. 

This three-hour learning session is also a prerequisite for the First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ learning session. You will learn how to improve your people skills and the skills of others. You will gain an understanding of how the communication paradox is eroding our two most important people skills and two simple, yet powerful tips, using the actual cause of the communication paradox to reverse it.


Session Content

Knowledge Assessment

Communication & Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Review

Communication Paradox & Prevention

Comprehension Assessment

Your Next Steps Discussion

Feedback & Knowledge Guide

Assessment Report

2. First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ Enroll

During this six-hour learning session, you will understand the three steps organizations unintentionally use to lose their best people while simultaneously wrecking their culture. You will also learn how to prevent this devastating monetary and emotional impact and how to accelerate your transformation from peer to people-centered leader. Additionally, you learn what a people-centered leader is and how they should make you feel.

Session Content

Knowledge Assessment

First-Time Leader Failure & Prevention

Nonnegotiable Leader Prerequisites

Review & Improve Leader Skills

Contagious Performance Improvement℠

Feedback & Knowledge Guide

Comprehension Assessment

Assessment Report

Monthly Leader Coaching (The first month is mandatory, after completing this course. All future sessions are optional. I recommend a minimum of six sessions, to ensure your successful transition from peer to people-centered leader, with time to experience and discuss the inevitable “Leader Surprise Scenarios”, you never dreamed of.)


3. Monthly Leader Coaching Enroll

The first session is mandatory as part of the First-Time Leader Development Course. All subsequent sessions are optional. Each session will be a strategic conversation, discussing situations you experienced or topics you want to learn more about. To prepare for this coaching session, journal the situations you experience, which you want to discuss.

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