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 First-Time Leader Development 

What I learned over four decades, I teach you in hours, so you and others benefit for a lifetime. This training is comprised of the following two people skills workshops and monthly coaching.

1. Communication & Emotional Intelligence Enroll

This three-hour workshop is a stand alone workshop, benefiting all people, personally and professionally, not just leaders. This workshop is a prerequisite for the First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ workshop. You will learn how our people skills are being eroded, how to improve your people skills and the skills of others, using simple, yet powerful tips.

Learning Objectives:

- Endangered People Skills, Communication Paradox

- Communication

- Emotional Intelligence

- Solve and Prevent the Communication Paradox

2. First-Time Leaders Accelerated℠ Enroll

During this six-hour workshop, you will understand why more than half of first-time leaders fail and how organizations unintentionally lose their best people while simultaneously wrecking their culture. You will learn how to prevent this devastating monetary and emotional impact and how to accelerate your transformation from peer to people-centered leader.

Learning Objectives:

- Nonnegotiable Leader Prerequisites

- Peer to Leader, Now What?

- Contagious Performance Improvement, Future-Proof Culture

3. Monthly Leader Coaching Enroll

The first session is mandatory as part of your First-Time Leader Development. All subsequent sessions are optional. Each session will be a strategic conversation, discussing situations you experienced or topics you want to learn more about. To prepare for this coaching session, journal the situations you want to discuss, the inevitable "Leader Surprise Scenarios", you never dreamed of.

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