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I have four decades of experience as a Crash Test Dummy for first-time leader development and culture improvement. I know how great leaders and cultures should make you feel and how to make this your reality. I share personalized stories, triggering inspired behavioral improvement, to strengthen your leader skills and culture experience.

Schedule our "Get to know each other conversation", to understand your event goals and how I can help.

Keynotes / Break Throughs / Workshops

Endangered People Skills, Communication Paradox

You will gain an understanding of why and how our two most important people skills are being eroded. You will learn how to improve your people skills and the skills of others. You will understand the communication paradox. You will acquire simple, yet powerful tips, using the actual cause of the communication paradox to reverse it. Through appropriate humor and minimal distress, you will experience the emotions and feelings created by the communication paradox. And finally, you will realize how dangerous the communication paradox can be.

Peer to Leader, Now What?

You will understand the three steps organizations unintentionally use to lose their best people while simultaneously wrecking their culture. You will also learn how to prevent this devastating monetary and emotional impact and how to accelerate the transformation from peer to people-centered leader. Additionally, you learn what a people-centered leader is and how they should make you feel.

Sunday Feelings About Monday Mornings

Contagious Performance Improvement℠ should be every people-centered leader’s goal. People who experience this future-proof culture, feel good Sunday evenings about Monday mornings, because they feel appreciated, inspired and fulfilled. This culture also maximizes your people’s ability to quickly innovate and adapt. You will gain the building blocks to make Contagious Performance Improvement℠ your recurring reality.

Schedule our "Get to know each other conversation", to understand your event goals and how I can help.

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