Contagious Performance Improvement™️ is the ultimate culture, where people are appreciated and inspired to perform using their strengths. Although the focus is on strengths, weaknesses are not ignored, rather focusing on improving skills and minimizing the impacts of weaknesses. When things don’t go correctly, we have been taught that we must fix the people. Gallup has determined there are infinite possibilities for developing what is right with people versus fixing what's inherently wrong.

The Foundation

Great Communication

Communication is the most important life skill. This skill is often taken for granted and therefore not performed well. Multiple generations in the workplace makes communication challenging. Poor communication or miscommunication is the root of most problems and is expensive.

People-Centered Leadership

The most important things are not things, they are people. Establishing people-centered leadership is an evolutionary process. The recurring benefit is maximizing your people’s strengths, relationships and time. Great leaders create and provide laser focus on a clear vision and mission.

Self-Managed Teams

Self-managed teams are beyond empowerment, they encourage full engagement. Self-management fosters participation and sharing, creating ownership and great decision-making; requiring people to be self-managed, resulting in increased stability and much higher retention. Self-management unleashes the talent, passion and potential of people. In self-managed teams everyone shares the responsibilities of leadership, ownership, performance and results.