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Contagious Performance Improvement℠

The ultimate culture where people feel inspired, appreciated and fulfilled to perform, using their strengths. When things don’t go as expected, the assumption is people are at fault, when often it's the process.

Culture Self-Assessment

This assessment is a must for every organization. The results depict your current culture, highlights your strengths and the best path to integrate Contagious Performance Improvement℠. This proprietary assessment collects and combines three different perspectives; your leadership, your people and my professional assessment. To ensure anonymity, this self-assessment is administered using paper.

Great Communication

Communication is the most important life skill. Poor communication or

miscommunication is the root of most problems and can be expensive. The

advent of the smartphone has created a communication paradox.

People-Centered Leadership

The most important things are not things, they are people. People-centered 

leadership maximizes people’s strengths, relationships and time. Great leaders

create and provide laser focus on a clear vision and mission.

Self-Managed Teams

Self-managed teams are beyond empowerment, they encourage full

engagement. Self-management fosters participation and sharing, creating

ownership and great decision-making. It requires people to be self-managed, resulting in increased stability and higher retention. Self-management unleashes the talent, passion and potential of people. In self-managed teams everyone shares the responsibilities of leadership, ownership, performance and results.

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