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Leadership Development

This program prevents you from being part of the 60% of first-time leaders who fail. Your successful transition to leadership begins with often-overlooked questions and fundamental education. This program consists of assessments, foundational learning sessions, followed by your choice of group or one-on-one coaching.

Professional Assessments and Recommended Reading

I recommend four industry standard assessments, regardless if you pursue this leadership development program or not. I share a list of recommended reading, which will solidify the knowledge you gain through this program.

Communication and Emotional Intelligence

This initial learning session is a prerequisite for everyone, not just leaders. You will learn why communication and emotional intelligence are the most important people skills and how you can immediately improve your skills. Poor communication or miscommunication is the root of most problems and is expensive. Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of success.

People-Centered Leadership

This learning session is essential, easy to understand and apply. You will learn what people-centered leadership is and why it is important. You will gain practical knowledge you can apply immediately, in all three aspects of leadership.

Choose one of the following group or one-on-one coaching sessions.

Six or Twelve-Week Group Coaching:

These dedicated sessions are a timely resource for the practical situations, you will undoubtably experience. These sessions go a long way in preventing the 60% failure rate, while accelerating your development and establishing a solid foundation as a people-centered leader. The six-week session are the absolute minimum, to ensure you have the necessary support to be successful. I recommend the twelve-week coaching session, to give you the best possible opportunity for success.

Six or Twelve-Week One-on-One Coaching:

Rather than attend weekly group sessions, you have the option of weekly one-on-one coaching with me.


If you desire to accelerate your development as a people-centered leader and not be part of the 60% who fail, click the "Schedule Our Conversation" button to select a time convenient for you to share your expectations.

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