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People Improvement


I deliver the appropriate blend of personal and professional development, for all aspects of life. This education can be delivered one-on-one, one to many; on-site, remotely or blended, depending on what is most efficient and effective for you and your people. Most people deliver a one size fits all, flavor of the month education. My solution is as unique as you, your people and your products or services. I educate you and your people on how to apply and constantly benefit from this knowledge.

Contagious Performance Improvement

Personal Significance

It’s about being successful in your personal and professional life, so you can achieve significance and continue to influence and improve the lives of others. You will learn self-leadership, great communication, time management-the myth, multitasking-the myth, work-life balance-the myth, today's personal success indicators and Mynd Time™.

People Involvement

A leadership philosophy where people perform more than their primary responsibilities. Such as decision making, performance improvement projects and orientating new employees.

Necessary Meetings?

The first step, “Is a meeting necessary?” A meeting can be two or more people coming together to discuss specific objectives and make decisions. An often-overlooked reason for a meeting is to determine what not to do. In a self-managed culture, meetings are optional.

Mynd Time™️

Everyone needs time to pause, think and relax physically and mentally. I developed the concept of Mynd Time™, to give people the guidelines to relaxation in today’s fast-paced world. We have evolved from the Information Age to the Information Overload Age. With the world moving and changing so fast, people don’t fully read, listen or watch, because they feel the need to hurry to the next thing that they won't fully read, listen, or watch. If you are too busy to pause, think and relax, you need Mynd Time™!

Conflict Prevention & Resolution

The focus always seems to be on conflict resolution, but I focus on prevention. I fully realize there will always be some degree of conflict, which I have an improved process for. 

Positive Ethics

Typically organizations focus on negative ethics. Promoting positive ethics is much easier and helps you achieve and maintain a high ethical and moral compass in your personal and professional life. 

Performance Improvement Tools and Techniques

The importance and benefits of using performance improvement tools and techniques and the ability to measure performance improvement. I constantly research and simplify the best tools and techniques, while mixing the right blend of technology; equipping you with the knowledge and skills to continuously improve your performance.

Performance Improvement Projects

The importance and benefits of using coordinated performance improvement projects.

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