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I coach you through these services and ensure you receive the recurring benefits.


This assessment is a must for every organization. The results depict your culture, highlights your strengths and should you decide to pursue it, the best starting point to make contagious performance improvement your cultural reality. This proprietary assessment collects and combines three different perspectives of your culture. One is your leadership, the second is your people and the third is my professional assessment. The leadership and people assessments are self-assessments. To ensure participants perceptions are truly anonymously, the self-assessments are performed using paper and no electronic intervention.

Vision & Mission Importance

Without a vision and mission an organization’s efforts are aimless. These statements create clarity, align efforts with an agreed-upon focus and is a foundation for all decisions. Without them, individual visions and missions tend to rise up resulting in conflicts, delays and lost revenues. These can lead to unnecessary turf wars which waste time, energy and money. These statements prevent the classic "Ready, Fire, Aim!" I coach you through improving your existing vision and mission or creating yours.

6 S's Philosophy

Is your office or facility in disarray? This process was developed to maintain physical organization, efficiency and safety in manufacturing environments but it is universally applicable to office environments. You’ll be surprised by the clutter and cost you will eliminate. I will coach you through this process.

Collaborative Ideas System

Learn the necessary pieces that comprise an effective collaborative idea system and the processes to develop, implement, and sustain the benefits. A collaborative ideas system is a form of people involvement where people are encouraged to submit their ideas for improvement and use open innovation to collaborate and improve their ideas.

Performance Recognition System

Recognition should not only be leaders recognizing people, but people recognizing each other (peer-to-peer or simply peer recognition), and the most forgotten is leadership recognition. Everyone who performs well deserves to be recognized and appreciated. Giving genuine recognition and appreciation creates a mood boost!

Visual Knowledge Management

The process of visually documenting, sharing, and applying the knowledge and expertise specific to an organization. This establishes the potential for collaborative or collective intelligence, which can be a powerful advantage. Not sharing knowledge can be expensive! An increasing number of people are nearing retirement age in the United States, many of which possess significant knowledge (intellectual property) and skills obtained over many years of experience, which is difficult, if not impossible, to replace. This knowledge is a precious resource, and if not documented when these people leave, those remaining will have a difficult time performing without it. In most organizations, the highest risk is losing the intellectual property that comes with years of experience. Few organizations are equipped to capture this knowledge before people leave, much less transfer it to those who remain. 

New York State Sexual Harassment Prevention Law Compliance


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